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Licensed Attorney / Commercial Real Estate Agent
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There's More to a Commercial Real Estate Purchase Than Meets The Eye

When assisting clients purchase commercial real estate, Levi helps his clients in these often overlooked areas of negotiation of a purchase agreement:

  • Title insurance problems

  • Wetland history/environmental reports

  • Timing for site plan approval/timing for rezoning

What Makes Levi So Capable?

Levi actively practiced law full time in California and Michigan before entering commercial real estate brokerage. He remains a member of both Bar associations. He is on the commercial lease subcommittee of the Michigan Bar Association Real Estate Section.

As a commercial real estate broker, he had drafted and reviewed numerous leases, purchase agreements and easement agreements.

He has developed over 180 residential condominiums and 100,000sf of office buildings. His development experience is also part of the package.


(248) 262-1807

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